Clients will receive a copy of our detailed aftercare instructions, a complete take home aftercare kit including all your aftercare supplies following each session. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the instructions. text @ 860-993-4079

The next few days are extremely important in order to ensure your Nipple Tattoos heal quickly and in the safest possible way, leaving the tattoos bright and in the best condition.

After your Areola Micropigmentation you will leave with the area cleaned and covered with cling film to protect it. Keep the cling film on until you get home.


Remove the film 3 to 4 hours after the Areola Micropigmentation.  the initial film is removed and the area is cleaned do not cover again with clingfilm as the tattoos will need air in order to heal. Then perform the following aftercare steps.



DAYS 1 &2

  • WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY with soap and water before touching the tattoo.  DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE ELSE TO TOUCH THE TATTOO until it is fully healed. 

  • Remove the cling film dressing.

  • Gently wash the tattoo with tepid water and supplied mild fragrance free soap. Make sure all traces of blood are removed. Do not use a wash cloth anything abrasive to rub the fresh tattoo as this may damage the skin or affect the quality of the tattoo.

  • Pat dry the area with a clean paper towel, again avoiding rubbing to avoid causing any damage or irritation.

  • Cover the nipple tattoos in a thin application of the aftercare balm we include in your aftercare package, Work it gently into the area with clean hands. The balm is very thick so you may want to warm the tube in your hands before applying as this helps spread the cream easily over the tattoo. The ointment keeps the tattoo moist and prevents scabbing whilst providing a protective barrier from dirt and infection. 

Repeat this 4 step process,  for 2 days. 


 continue to keep the tattoo clean but you can now stop using the ointment and switch to the supplied  gentle moisturizing cream  in order to keep the tattoo moist.


Your tattoo may ‘bleed’ some excess ink for a couple of days following your appointment, so take this into consideration when choosing the clothes to wear and your bed sheets. It should wash out of any clothing but we can not be sure of  this.


every tattoo takes a different amount of time to heal but sticking to the following instructions will help ensure your new tattoo is as bright as possible and no ink will fall out.

DO NOT swim or soak the tattoo in water. i.e baths or hot tubs etc until fully healed {approx 3 weeks}. The chlorine in the water may effect the tattoo and cause it to fade. Soaking will also loosen any scabs and remove them taking some ink with them. 

DO NOT tan/expose the area to a lot of sunlight for at least 2 weeks after. The direct sunlight will fade the tattoo. After this 2 week period if you decide to sun bathe/use tanning equipment always apply a high factor sun cream over the nipple areola area as prolonged UV exposure will fade a tattoo. 

DO NOT scratch/pick the tattoo. The tattoo may become itchy around day 4. This is a normal part of the healing process. If you scratch you may remove ink before it is fully healed resulting in a patchy tattoo. If you follow these instructions and still find patches that may need touching up we can address this at the follow up appointment.


If you have any questions regarding your new Areola Micropigmentation  please don’t hesitate to call us at 8609934079 or after-hours text us at 860-993-4079