hydra peel facial


A hydra peel facial is a facial treatment utilizing a patented gadget to convey cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration to the face. It eliminates dead skin, impurities, debris and dirt while cleaning and soothing your skin. With delicate non-invasive treatment and no downtime but GREAT outcomes, an ever-increasing number of individuals are going for the hydra peel facial as their integrative, functional facial skincare spa routine. Hydra peel facial can be utilized for practically any skin condition and on any kind of skin.

This service is a full facial, including neck and decollete. The Hydra Peel is highly customizable to target any of your concerns and is effective for all skin types.

What is Hydra peel good for?

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Elasticity & Firmness

  • Skin Tone Evenness & Vibrancy

  • Skin Texture

  • Hyperpigmentation/Photo Damage

  • Oily/Congested Skin

  • Enlarged Pores

  • Advanced Signs of Aging



Micro peel facial is a superficial chemical peel that can smooth and relax your skin, light up your complexion, limit pore size, and diminish discoloration, all with no social downtime. Micro peel facial can be tweaked for pretty much every skin kind, leaving everyone's skin glowing and radiant. A micro peel facial is a treatment to enhance the look and feel of your skin.

Facial Peel Benefits :

  • Improving the skin's colour, clearness, texture and tone

  • Stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cell development, bringing about a radiant complexion

  • Helping to clear up breakouts

  • Reducing discoloration brought about by sun harm

  • Increasing hydration of the skin 

  • Smoothing away the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Addressing apparent skin imperfections and superficial scars


At Euphoria Face and Body, facial peel benefits are huge, the risks negligible, and the expenses reasonable. Book an appointment today!

Single - $125 

50 Min

Package of 3 - $325


Hydra peel facial
Micro peel facial