What Is Lash-Enhancement & Eyeliner?

Lash line enhancement is the next beauty treatment that is getting very popular. This method involves creating a delicate light black line across the top lashes. To create this look pigment is inserted between the lashes to achieve the illusion of fuller and darker lashes.

How long does it last?

The results last up to several years since we protect our eyes from sun, product etc. The skin on eyelids is much thinner and pigment stays longer. This treatment is great for clients who want to be able to skip applying mascara or eyeliner also those who suffer allergies from regular cosmetics, also those who because of health issues have problems with applying cosmetics.


Is it painful?

The first step while your lash line enhancement appointment is the numbing the eyelid. This is done with numbing cream, once the skin is numb we then mechanically numb the lids to ensure a pain free service. We start drawing, once you approve the shape and size micropigmentation process will start. What is great about this procedure is that it suits everybody, even clients with droopy eyelids can benefit from this treatment.


How does the healing process look like?

Right after the procedure eyes will be swollen, you might experience minor redness and bruise. The length of time it takes varies from client to client.

  • Day 1: puffy to swollen eyelids, sensitive and heavy eyes. Keep the area dry and clean.

  • Day 2: eyes will be swollen and might feel crusty. Slowly the swelling will reduce.

  • Day 3-4: you might experience some scabbing. Please do not pick or rub - it might result in uneven color and infection.

  • Day 7-10: all scabs should be gone, the pigmented area may appear lighter. The color will come back after healing is over.

  • Day 10-14; outer healing should be done by now and color should have returned, however, it won’t be as intense as at day 1. That’s normal, because of skin exfoliation. Please wait four weeks and schedule your touch up.


*After the procedure, your eyes area might be red or scabby, so it is suggested not to schedule any big events for the first week or two.