What Is Lip Blush?

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic beauty treatment that enhances your natural lip color. This treatment is known also by other names, such as lip tint, lip-staining or ombre lips. It more about enhancing your actual color of the lips to give the illusion of fullness, rather than actual volume.

With this technique, we can achieve a stronger definition around the lip line and graduate color towards the center of the lips. It is important to choose a shade that looks subtle and natural, usually two tones darker or a tone lighter than natural lip color of the client. Subtle colors can always be refreshed over time. The color retention is different and depends on a clients skin, lifestyle and proper aftercare.

Numbing cream is used before and during the procedure to eliminate discomfort. You will feel some pressure and buzzing of the device. Lips tend to swell, so it is good to avoid any social plans for 3-5 days after the treatment. After the procedure color seems to be dark for two days before the lip skin starts to peel. Please remember like any other permanent makeup procedure this is a process and second color application session is necessary since after first treatment you might lose even 50-70% of the initial color.

Lips are very delicate and prone to infection, that is why they should be prepared before the procedure. Moisturizing and nourishing of the lips before the treatment is very important. A well-moisturized skin helps to absorb pigment faster.

During the procedure stimulation with a needle effects epidermis, which may activate the herpes virus. To prevent this, you should discuss with your doctor taking antiviral medicine 2 days before and 3 days after the treatment, or even longer if you suffer cold sores often. The drug should be taken only after consultation with a doctor and requires a prescription. Keep in mind that this procedure is designed to enhance your lips, but any large asymmetries of the mouth or disproportion can only be corrected by aesthetic medicine doctor.