What is Microshading Brows?

Microshading is the semi-permanent secret to fuller eyebrows that look totally natural. It creates a fine hair-stroke look with some powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder with repetitive dots of pigment.

The perfect candidate would have thinning eyebrows and works well for all skin types, altho oily skin types will have a harder time retaining verses those with normal to dry skin, more touchups may be required.  The end results looks natural because of each stroke blends in seamlessly and imitate your natural hair. Those strokes are created manually and often called nano hair strokes


Dry to normal skin types tend to heal better producing crisper results. For a client with a moderate amount of brow hair, the strokes will blend in well. 

You can request what type of look you are going for such as natural to the dark makeup look. Always keep in mind that what you see after the procedure will heal lighter depending on color of pigment used.

Generally, hair stroke technique does not lasts as long as powder technique, that is why a combination of both treatments is the most beneficial. The reason is that stroking the needle through the skin to create hair-like tattoo does not implant the pigment as deeply as the powder method. In many cases, it needs to be retouched more frequently, because it fades quickly. If you are looking for longer lasting results this combo technique gives better results.



*After the procedure, your eyebrows area might be red or scabby, so it is suggested not to schedule any big events for the first week or two.